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So Who The Hell Am I And Why Should You Listen To What I Am Saying?


Well if you don’t recognise me by the picture here above, most probably you are new to this awesome market.

Welcome. It’s the-place-to-be in 2018.

So my name is Daniel Adetunji. I’m the guy behind the well-known line of products like SociClicks, SociOffer and SociLivestream…with thousands of dollars’ worth in digital product sales under my belt.


Product sales totaling well over $100k

Over $80k in Affiliate income on one platform alone!

Here I’d like to confess something…

I don’t know how to write a single line of HTML

I have never opened Photoshop in my life

And honestly, I couldn’t sell cold beer to even the thirstiest man

And yet in 2017 ALONE I sold over 200k worth of products… how?


I have a sneaky shortcut, but I’ll tell you more about that a bit later...

But first I want to burst a myth most entrepreneurs believe in [but ALL the seasoned ones don’t…they figured it already and that’s what made them BIG]

To be rich and successful...

You need to work HARD over a LONG period of time


That’s an age-old saying.

You’d think that’s right when you think of... Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and the likes.

Sorry fellows…but the world has changed.

And you should too…

Think about it…


Entrepreneurs used to work their entire lives to build a business

Everything was slow.

Creating a product would take years. Arranging the capital to start your business would take months of running after the banks or your dad (he probably had some hard earned money he slogged to earn and save – that’s how things used to be in those days).

And finally when you had everything to start the business, it’d take ages to spread the word about it and make a brand for yourself.

No wonder most of the brands started with…”Since 1925… or Serving you since 75 years”

Of course they had to say that, because that was the number of years it took before anyone really took notice that their business existed.

But times have changed…

The world is now one BIG marketplace that is open 24x7, with sellers and customers thronging the market online from all over the world.

And the tagline has also changed. Now it reads…

To be rich and successful…

You need to work SMART and ULTRAFAST


Every time consumers go online today, they want something NEW, something EXCITING.

Now, when you think about this line, the names that come up are...Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Sergey Brin & Larry Page and all.

Check JVZoo, Check W+…everyday new products are hitting the markets.

Not just that…

Consider this for a moment…

A BIG player like Apple brings out new versions every year. Car manufactures are bringing out new models and new designs as if they are selling cheap T-shirts for $1 each.


If you are not selling things fast…

nobody is going to notice you, let
alone remember you…

As an entrepreneur I had been wrestling with this problem for a very long time.

Getting a product out there in the market was indeed a Herculean task…

Getting the product ready…And getting it tested by beta-testers were the easy parts.

Once the product was launch ready – that’s when things were no longer in my hands and that’s when the shit would really hit the fan.

Building a website and landing pages was a pain in the a@#...


I used to be tired of…

  • Finding a good copywriter. And you never really know how good or bad they are until you see their work – which brings me to the second problem I faced in this…
  • Pushing the copywriter to stick to the deadlines. Unless the copy is delivered, I couldn’t get the pages designed. Unless I didn’t have the pages, I couldn’t go looking for affiliate partners to help me promote my product.
  • Waiting for the copywriter to turn in some mediocre copy that is far from what I had in mind. But I had to settle for it, because I had a damn product to sell to stay in business and pay the bills.

And if that wasn’t a torture enough…I’d come out of that shit, only to faller in much deeper shit…


Now I had to deal with some smart A$$ ‘Designer’…

  • This guy would have to be high in order to have his creative juices flowing…(or so I figured), else why would someone take an entire day to just design a bloody section that ONLY has 4 lines in it.
  • I had to even apologise to this one guy who contacted me via email and threatened to sue me because MY landing page had HIS copyrighted Images. Yes – the genius designer thought the whole world is his ‘I’m-stoned-too-friend-circle’ and there’s no harm in borrowing someone else’s Intellectual Property to make your page look good.
  • And don’t even hope that this guy would stick to the deadline. His excuse – creativity needs time, you can’t push it out of him. Yeah right!

I bet if you see most of the products that are scheduled to hit the market in coming days, you’d find that either the landing page is missing completely or most sections are filled with the “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet" text.

I want to stop here a moment and apologize.

You must have sensed the frustration in what I had to say. But, it’s just that when you are an entrepreneur and you have a product to sell – it’s frustrating to see things getting delayed unnecessarily.

But last year I decided to put a stop on this bullshit once and for all…

I decided to fire both

My Copywriter and My Designer

And I decided to push my entire team, IndusValley, to drop what they were create a software that does it ALL and does it FAST.

  • images   No more hiring expensive designers and copywriter
  • images   No more negotiating the price with them
  • images   No more sending them reminders of the approaching deadline
  • images   No more settling for mediocre work
  • images   No more being held ransom for just trying to run a business

I created a complete done-for-you solution that would allow you to hit the market with your products in a matter of minutes…

I created something that helped me get results like these…

Our sales and revenue started climbing up instantly...


Not just that...our list started growing fast too with new subscribers being added every day…


There was a never-before-seen spike in Traffic to our pages and sites…


I am sure by now you must be pretty excited to see how we did that…

So I won’t keep you in suspense anymore!



A Complete Landing Page And Website Builder (With Copywriting Packages Included)

Stunning designs to mesmerize your visitors and pre-optimised
to convert like crazy…


Example of landing pages created with FastEye

Landing Page with Fasteyepages :

Real Estate Website created with Fasteyepages:

Now You Too Can Create Such Beautiful Pages And Websites With FastEye

Here’s What You’re Getting With FastEye ONLY During This Special Launch Offer

20 DFY FastEye Landing Page Templates

It took a team of 5 designers and 3 copywriter around 2 weeks to create these 20 stunning landing page templates.

Unlike all the other landing page builders, we at FastEye believe in getting the work DONE – and that too in one place and with one tool.

The FastEye landing page templates are pre-loaded with stunning design and copy. To give a personal touch, just pick ANY template and edit/change anything you want, ANYWAY you want.

FastEye is about a lot more than simply building stunning landing pages. It builds landing pages that pre-optimised to get you best conversions.

Launching a new product? Need to collect webinar registrations? Creating a giveaway? No worries… 20 pre-designed and pre-optimized templates are at your disposal.

Your stunning Landing Page will be live in a matter of minutes.


Choose From Pre-Written And Proven To Convert Content

With FastEye we take care of not just your designing needs, but also that of your copy.

We have a team of 3 copywriters who helped us create some kick-ass content. Just pick and use the best converting Headlines, Sub-Headlines, Bullet Points, Guarantees, P.S.s, Opening and Closing points etc.

With FastEye our goal is to assist you in selling your products all by yourself. Even if you have a team of designers and copywriters and for some reason you don’t want to fire them - its ok! You are a nice person. Good.

But at least, ask them to use FastEye and get the job done faster so that you can sell more products in the same amount of time.


Create Unlimited Sales Pages

We want you to sell more. We want you to earn more and we want you to grow more.
We want to be a part of your success story and we figured we can’t do that by limiting - how much you can do.

That’s the reason, there are NO LIMITS on the number of Sales Pages you can build using FastEye.

You don’t need to upgrade or pay us extra so you can sell more and grow. Just create as many sales pages as you want…without ANY restrictions.

When we say that this tool is yours – we mean it!


Create Unlimited Landing Pages

To run a successful campaign you need to create not just a sales page. You need a Squeeze Page, Sales Page, Upgrade Pages and Thank You Page at least.

With most of the landing page builders in the market, you’ll realise that you run out of your quota of pages allowed pretty quickly.

To build more – you have to pay more (generally by upgrading).

But with FastEye you can create as many pages as you like.

As we said, we want to be a part of your success story…and feature in the section “How I overcame restrictions in running my business with FastEye”.


Unlimited access to FastEye Pages

We are serious about this “Unlimited” clause. Once you get FastEye it’s accessible to you permanently.

FastEye is brought to you by a team of professionals who are in the business of making running a business easier for entrepreneurs around the world.

And being 100% Cloud based, all you need is an internet connection and a laptop to access your pages and websites from anywhere in the world at any time.

This also allows you to make changes on the fly if you want.


1 million+ high resolution images

I insisted on including such a library while we built this tool. I came close to being sued for having an image on my sales page that was copyrighted.

I don’t want FastEye customers to live under that fear…

To create a page that compliments your product and business perfectly, there’s a high chance you’d want to replace the images that are in the templates.

And we don’t want you running from pillar-to-post looking for the one you want – only to realise that you can’t use it.

Just browse through our in-built library of 1 Million+ high resolution images and pick the one that best suits your product.


100+ icons

It doesn’t matter how important or exciting the information that you’re sharing is…if you fail to hook your visitors.

Icons visually break up the content, making it less intimidating. They play an important role to make reading your page easy and pleasant.

We at FastEye take even the smallest of things seriously. Your business is a serious matter for us and we don’t leave any stone unturned to make sure that you are headed for SUCCESS.

FastEye comes with a collection of 100+ Icons that you pick and use at will. Again, this makes FastEye the ONLY tool you’ll need to build an ENTIRE page or website.


We host your pages at no extra cost

Don’t worry about hosting your landing pages or websites. FastEye hosts your landing pages for you and makes it easy for you to get up and running on your own domain in a matter of minutes.

If you want you can even publish your landing page to a hosted subdomain in just a few clicks.

All you need to do is…connect your domain with the page or the website and you are good to go.


Exceptional customer support

We take after sales support very seriously. If you ever have a problem using FastEye, all you need to do is hit the Chat bot on your dashboard and our support agent will be there to help you with anything (well as long as it’s related to Fasteye. I mean, you can try discussing your personal problems as well – but I doubt these guys are good at that – trust me…I tired :))


One-time fee

This is something I had to literally fight for…

My team wants to charge a monthly and an yearly recurring for FastEye. And in a way they are right too.

They argue that because the software would be backed by a very efficient support staff and the fact that we would be paying the recurring fee, the cost to maintain this should be borne by the customer.

However, I want FastEye to reach as many people as possible. And that’s the reason I want to sell it for a one-time fee.

So in the end we reached a compromise.

FastEye will be available ONLY during this special launch at a one-time fee. Post launch it will be available only at a recurring price.


FastEye makes creating such pages and website a breeze because of…


Easy to edit

FastEye pages are fully component based. Every design and feature of the app is made with modular component blocks that blends with your design without any hassle. This makes editing content and designs on your website something your 5 -year old could do (didn’t we say that it’s built with non-tech minded people in mind).


Be Launch Ready in minutes

One of the most unique features of FastEye is that it comes with a wide selection of ready to use designs. Regardless of your industry or niche, the structure or feel you want your website to have…there is a ready to use template that is exactly what you need. If you can point-n-click the computer mouse…you’re good to go.


Easy Drag and Drop

You want an image somewhere, just drag the image and drop it where you want it to appear. You want a text box, a custom menu or a slider…all you need to do is just drag the item, drop it where you want it to appear. That’s it! You have your awesome website or page ready to go live!


Mobile Responsive

With Fasteyepages you don’t need to worry about how your site would look on a tablet, mobile device, or any other device with smaller screens. The templates were developed keeping in mind that customers are using more and more portable devices. These templates are completely mobile responsive and work perfectly on devices of varying screen sizes without fear of losing content or distortion.


DIY Designer

With lots of customizable settings, including fonts, colors and page layouts, every FASTEYE design can be made to look unique with just a few clicks. Laying out an entire page is just matter of few clicks.


Advanced Site Analytics

FastEye comes with advanced Google Analytics Integration. Find out how many page views you have, where visitors come from, and how well you rank with competitors.


Hardware Accelerated Parallax

Easily add new dimension to your site with the cool parallax effect. It’s sure to impress your guests.


Easy Integrations

FastEye is built to seamlessly integrate numerous APIs and tools such as Google Maps API enabled maps, Custom YouTube and Vimeo embed modals, MailChimp Integration, modals to support forms, iframes or any HTML.


Now just take a moment and think about this here…

Tomorrow morning you could list your services on Fiverr and create stunning websites for your clients in 5 minutes tops…

And check out what kind of prices you could ask for…


All of this with just one tool - quite unbelievable, right?

I understand ‘Seeing Is Believing’…watch FastEye in
in this short video here

Top 7 Figure Marketers In The Industry

Are Using FastEye And This Is What They
Have To Say About It…

I just love ‘’As an expert marketer I always need high converting pages that look good and convert. And I need them fast and easy to create. FastEye is the answer - if you’re serious about your online business, I highly recommend it’’


Radu Hahaianu

Founder, Multiple 6 figure per year Marketer

I just love ‘’A website doesn't just have to look good... the copy has to be excellent in order to get sales and fasteye does that for you’’.


Stoica Dr

LiveEvent Blaster Creator & Multiple 6 Figure per year Marketer

act now

and you'll get these bonuses

completely Free:


Full access to an entire back catalog of over $10,000 worth of Three(3)

done-for-you money-making affiliate campaigns. (You're getting hand-written affiliate promos personally written by me, Custom bonuses used for each promo developed by my in house team - use these custom bonuses to get more affiliates than your competitors.


DFY Affiliate product research

with the product selection and campaign creation done for you, just grab your affiliate links and start blasting (Forget slaving away for hours trying to find the best products to promote, studying salesletters and products then painstakingly writing all the promos. Everything is done for you and ready to copy, paste and make money right away).


Drag & Drop Email Template Builder

This is One of the most modern Email template builder for your startup on creating stunning affiliate marketing email Simple Drag & Drop Email builder with HTML export. Just build an Email, export as HTML and send it!. Very very easy to use!


EZ VSL & Funnel Builder:

This is a plugin to create video sales pages. Build a responsive video sales page and manage your content easily with intuitive EVS Builder editor. No programming knowledge required – Create video sales pages for your products that load 85% faster than traditional wordpress pages. It is compatible with any active WordPress Theme. It supports Youtube, Vimeo and MP4 Videos.


Before your name is added to this list of happy customers, let’s see what happens if you make the mistake of skipping



For a few weeks even after having seen the power of FastEye, you continue to believe and use the methods you have been using so far in your business…
You deny that you need to be able to SELL everything FAST in order to grow. You still believe that - If it’s hard work and taking a lot of time, it MUST be the right way to do it.



Now, chasing designers and copywriters used to be routine for you. It was your job. As the CEO or head of business operations, you thought that was what you were supposed to do.

The only thing that has changed now is that you know it doesn’t have to be like this. You could have bought FastEye and rid yourself of such mundane tasks and saved yourself from this frustration. This is the stage where your friends and family start noticing that you are stressed, as you are angry most of the times (and quite rightly so).

So they counsel you and tell you that when the going gets tough…tough gets going. Hang-in there. Everyone who did well had to go through this phase (they just don’t talk about it).

Here again is the same thinking - if it’s hard work and taking a lot of time, it MUST be the right way to do it.



Now is the time when you think why don’t I keep doing things the way I do – only change a couple of things. Why don’t I get a landing page builder and try and at least design the page myself.

This would rid me of at least running after my designer. So now I only have to get the copy written and then I am good to go.

So either you buy a Landing Page builder (which does not have copywriting packages integrated – no other tool does) or if sometime back if you had bought a Landing Page builder, you go to the control panel of your computer, find it, open it, and start watching the tutorials on how to use this apparently Easy to use (but outdated and in reality really complicated) tool.

And while you do this…you also start thinking about how things could have been different with FastEye.

Now you start questioning the belief - if it’s hard work and taking a lot of time, it MUST be the right way to do it.


This is the most difficult part. You know you need to change the way you do things. You know that FastEye was the right way to go. You had the opportunity to get it, but you let it pass by.

You think accepting that FastEye was the right tool, you will prove yourself wrong. You talk to a friend or a mentor who understands your business a little. And that person tells you that you need to do this for your business.

But there’s a silver lining here…now your thinking has changed!


If it’s hard work and taking a lot of time, it MUST be the right way to do it.


If I want to grow, I need to work smart and ultra-fast.


You go online to buy FastEye at a monthly recurring fee. You create pages at a lightning speed and sell products after products. And your business grows to unimaginable heights.

You can either go through ALL these stages or you can do your business and yourself this favour by simply choosing a package and jumping to the last stage…

Our Promise

You are jumping in believing that FastEye will help you grow your business by helping you create landing pages along with the copy ultra-fast.

You are taking our word for it, of course you have seen the product in action in the demo video, you’ve heard what experts in the field have to say about it and you’ve even read what our customers say about it.

But when it comes to an investment (even if it’s the same amount as a lunch for 2 that you do every week – it’s still your hard earned money), it’s ok to be a little anxious.
Nobody wants to be taken for a ride…

So, we are giving you a No Questions Asked – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If after using FastEye for 30 days, you still believe that it’s not for you, just contact ‘Support’ and we will have your refund processed immediately.

To your success,

OLM Digitalimpact


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to install anything?

FastEye is completely cloud-based. You don’t need to download or install anything. Just login and start creating pages.

2. Is there a limit on the number of pages I can create?

No. We don’t believe in imposing restrictions on you to grow your business. Once you pay this low one-time fee, FastEye is YOUR tool. You can use it as much as you want. No restrictions.

3. Can I get it later?

Sure, FastEye is going to be around forever. But, unfortunately it won’t be available at this one-time price. There will be 2 packages. Monthly and Yearly.

4. What if I don’t like it after using it?

That’s hard to believe! But just in case that happens, rest assured, it’s as easy getting a refund on FastEye within 30 days as buying it right now.

5. What if I have face problems using FastEye?

We have made FastEye as the simplest tool to work with. There are video tutorials to help you in case you get stuck somewhere. But even if that doesn’t help and you need more assistance, these guys are more than happy to help…